In the valley of the Dragons this rainbow has the only path to the Unicorns.

Joey's first Unicorn Hunt

The Magic Rainbow

One morning our friend Joey, the mystical animal hunter, awoke in the valley of the dragons. He was happy the rain stopped and he smiled as he zipped opened his tent. He stood there overlooking the mountains and clouds, scratching his great beard as he stretched and let out one of his loud grizzly yawns. ARRRRRGGGgggllllya The Hunter was awake now, time to catch another….


Today was going to be different because Joey saw the most beautiful rainbow in the distance. The great hunter knew that this was the Unicorn rainbow so he smiled big and packed his camp. He was not nervous or in a rush because he was prepared. Joey aways did his homework so he was always up for the task.

Backpacking toward the beginning of the rainbow Joey smiled with happiness. Nothing in this world makes Joey happier than being outside in the fresh air filling his lungs the tracking of animals keeping him in shape and the sights of these beautiful lands.

Here we are he thought to himself, taking a deep breath as opened the door at base of the rainbow. Joey started to climb those magical stairs of color and calm, up up he climbs till he reaches the clouds. Once up in the clouds the great hunter must trust his wise teachers and jump off so he does without hesitation. "Whaoo" it's like walking on a trampoline , he steadies himself and grabs the skittles which is the only bate you can use for Unicorns. He rushes behind a cumulus cloud so the great animals won't spot him.

Sure as sugar they came running, gobbling up those delicious treats. Now here's the thing, Joey had to run as fast as his legs would carry him to one of those horse like animals of color and grace. The only way to catch a Unicorn is to grab it by the horn with one hand and by the right leg with the other. THEN as quick as possible slide down the rainbow. Joey being the best hunter known did just that. But that was not the hardest part, get this, on the way down the rainbow the Mystical Unicorn turns into a stuffed animal BUT the unicorn has magic powers so it makes you laugh uncontrollable to shake you off.

Joey The Hunter is doing bumpity bump down the stairs with the Unicorn he is laughing like mad and all around him the sky's are thundering and lightning out. The rainbow is disappearing…..

Thump! Joey is on the ground. He opens his eyes the rainbow is gone. The great hunter stands up, scratches his big fury beard and smiles. There laying in front of him is the Mystical Unicorn, Joey kneels down and picks it up, its beautiful he hugs it a tear comes down the great hunters face as he looks over the valley of the dragons. Joey can hear the mystical animal up in the clouds. Joey The Hunter knows that Unicorns never die they live forever and this was his reward.

Joey The Hunter believes that if in life you find something you love doing, study and work hard, dream those great dreams and there is nothing that you can not achieve.

~ anonymous